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Fire Training. A legal requirement.

It is a legal requirement that you provide induction fire training to all new staff and provide refresher training. This is clearly stated in Article 21 (1) of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

You must inform your staff on how to raise the alarm, who will call the fire service, how to evacuate the building and where to assemble, use of fire-fighting equipment eg how to identify the different types and what type of fire they can be safely used on, how to shut down machinery etc and not to use lifts in the event of fire.

Fire Marshals / Wardens will be required in larger organizations and where the fire risks are greater. They have a responsible role and will be expected to ensure that in the event of a fire everyone leaves the area as quickly and orderly as possible, ensuring that all security measures are undertaken, if this can be done without causing a significant delay in the evacuation procedure. The Fire Marshals / Warden should then go to the assembly point and take part in the roll call procedure there. It may be the responsibility of the Fire Marshal / Warden or security officer to ensure that no-one re-enters before the fire brigade officer gives permission. Fire Marshals / Wardens will require more indepth knowlege of fire safety procedures and equipment.

Why our online fire Safety training videos will benefit your business. 

Firstly all our fire training is approved by the Institute of Fire Engineers so you are assured that the information is of the highest standard. Also the Fire Assessment Services learning platform includes comprehensive administrative access that enables real time control of each end user client account and individual user. We have courses specifically for Care Homes for the same cost

The e learning package is constructed in such a way that the questions are introduced after each module and an opportunity is provided to re visit sections of the module before answers are finalized. The underlying factor in the e learning model is the stimulus effect of the video content when combined with the physical video presence of the tutor that effectively provides one on one tutoring of the subject matter. Live pictures, animated graphics and the personality of the presenter form part of a very effective virtual learning environment.

The e learning package allows progress to the next module when a pre determined pass rate has been achieved.The level of the pass rate can be controlled and in the event of the user failing to reach the pre determined pass rate the user is recycled through the content. On successful completion the certificate is available immediately online

Now using flash as its basic delivery format content is accessible by over 98% of all Internet users with a broadband connection across all available browsers. 

 Fire Marshal course £ 18.50

Fire Extinguisher / Basic Fire Training 8.75

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Basic Fire Safety Training course -course time approx 60 mins 

This is aimed at all employees to assist them in identifying and reducing the risk that fire presents in the workplace. The structure of this content is in the form of a matrix with the following titles. We have courses specifically for Care Homes for the same cost :

Module 1 - Chemistry of Fire

· The fire triangle

· Fire spread

Dangers of smoke

Module 2 - Common causes of fire

· Arson

· Electrical equipment

· Smoking

· Poor housekeeping

Module 3 - Safety features within buildings

· Alarm call points

· Smoke and heat detectors

· Emergency exit signs

· Emergency lighting

· Fire doors

Module 4 - Fire extinguishers

· Water

· Carbon Dioxide CO2

· Foam

· Dry Powder

· Wet Chemical

Module 5 - What to do if a fire occurs

· What to do if you discover a fire

· What to do on hearing the alarm

Each module is followed by a short set of randomized questions; these tests must be completed before the course is completed.

Fire Marshal Training Course  -course time approx 120 mins

Module 6 - Fire Statistics

Module 7 - Current Fire Safety Legislation

Module 8 - Fire Risk Assessment

Module 9 - Fire Preventative Measures

Module 10 - Safety Features within Buildings

Module 11 - Role of the Fire Marshall

Module 12 - Action on Fire Discovery

Module 13 - Fire Drills and Evacuation

Fire Extinguisher Training course -course time approx 25 mins

Module 14 - Fire Extinguishers

Module 15 - Pre-engagement Action

Module 16 - Using a Fire Extinguisher